Benefits of Wood Chips

August 8th 2023

Do you know the benefits of adding wood chips to your garden or beds? Adding wood chips every fews years can; suppress weeds regulate moisture and temperature in the soil add nutrients back into the soil reduce soil erosion add visual attraction add a wonderful smell! In conjunction with the Town of Millet, MiB sells cedar chips all   ▸

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2023 MiB Local Beautification Winners!

July 26th 2023

Thank you to all our participant in this year's beautification contest!  This year's winners are; Best Business Old Bank Cafe Best Business was awarded to the The Old Bank Cafe for creating a welcoming patio space with various colours and plants. Best Backyard Eddie and Danielle Dowd Best Backyard was awarded to Eddie and Danielle Dowd for   ▸

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2023 Beautification Contest

July 4th 2023

Love the way your neighbour's yard looks? Been putting a lot of work into your own and want to show it off? Nominate someone to be showcased for our local beautification contest!Overall tidiness, planning, environmental effort, conservation and beautification are some of the considerations.A MiB volunteer will begin judging July   ▸

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